Anmasi – Waschanlagen, Filtersysteme und chemische Produkte

Anmasi – Waschanlagen, Filtersysteme und chemische Produkte

Ihr Experte für Gesamtlösungen für die Metallindustrie, Kunststoffindustrie, Lebensmittel- und Pharmaindustrie.

Alsted Metal A/S


Alsted Metal is a modern company with over 25 years of experience in machining and the company specializes in turning of metal and plastic parts. The company currently consists of 8 skilled and committed employees who take pride in delivering top quality parts.

The company initially contacted Anmasi A / S with a desire to replace their older manually operated cleaning system with an automatic solution. Because the company has always been focusing on washing the parts so that customers do not receive contaminated parts and have previously done this in two separate toploaders with spray washing

The challenge with the old solution that still worked was that the employees experienced a lot of heavy lifting between the two toploaders used for the washing and rinsing of the parts. In addition, Alsted Metal experienced problems with the cleanliness of the parts, because the production mainly consists of smaller items in the baskets, so the spraying had trouble cleaning the parts in-depth when they were stacked in baskets.

The desire to solve the challenge of handling and improving the working environment and achieving better cleanliness of the items led Alsted Metal to invest in a fully automated Maxiline ultrasonic cleaning system.

The advantage of this solution was not only to improve the working environment and the cleanliness of the parts but also that this washing system had an additional rinse step and yet had an incredibly low power consumption compared to the previous solution using a total of 9.0 kW for heating the liquid against 4,0 KW in the new washing facility for each washing step.

When installation of the cleaning system by Alsted Metal was done with success, they later contacted Anmasi for investment in an Osmosis plant with pre-treatment and a central plant for filtering their lubricants. Because we had previously presented them to the filtration system which we manufacture, and for many years they have had a desire to invest in a central filtration system.

The reason they had not previously invested was because it’s a big investment and most often the prices they had obtained were out of line with their expectations and budget. Because you did not want Alsted Metal to spend millions on central systems, and in the industry it has generally been a problem that these have been priced very much.

But a promise from Anmasi to offer a competitive overall solution for less than 140.000 euro, while at the same time experiencing problems that some employees had become sensitive to lubricants of all the manual handling hereof meant Alsted Metal chose to invest in a central filtration system.

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This resulted in a solution where the customer now has a fully automatic cleaning system with ultrasonic cleaning, pre-treatment osmosis plants and a central filtration system for lubricants from Anmasi.

It is Anmasi who has been responsible for all installation and piping when setting up the equipment so that the customer did not have to take care of anything by itself.

In connection with the installation of the equipment, which was done over three times, the customer today has created some competitive and environmental benefits, which implies: improved working environment, reduced costs, less wear and tear on tools, less manuel handling and less time consuming, etc.

We are of course proud by Anmasi in being able to provide a complete solutions for companies of all sizes, helping to optimize both small and large companies, which this case study is another example of.

Alsted Metal

“We bought a washing machine at Anmasi 15 years ago, which ran impeccably. Therefore, it was also an obvious choice to approach them as the need for a larger cleaning system became applicable.

If there have been problems, they have been good at responding and providing a wonderful service. A collaboration we appreciate.”

Per Alsted Christensen