Anmasi – Waschanlagen, Filtersysteme und chemische Produkte

Anmasi – Waschanlagen, Filtersysteme und chemische Produkte

Ihr Experte für Gesamtlösungen für die Metallindustrie, Kunststoffindustrie, Lebensmittel- und Pharmaindustrie.

Brandt Metalindustri A/S

The company

Brandt Metalindustri A/S in Galten, Aarhus is a modern and dynamic company that supplies turned and milled parts for the plastic and metal industry.

The company employs almost 20 employees who work every day to ensure the best solutions to customers through continuous optimization and quality assurance of production. In connection with the growth of the company and their desire to optimize and quality assure production further, Brandt Metalindustri A/S has therefore invested in recent years in new equipment as well as expanded production. As a result, they came into contact with Anmasi A / S, who, as a specialist in Industrial cleaning- and filtration systems, could offer the company a complete solution solving some of their problems within the production.

As a result of the growing machine park, there was a challenge with bacterial growth in the lubricant, which meant their central filtration system had to be replaced as they currently only removed oils and automatically dosed liquid on the individual machining machines.

In addition, their customers demanded clean parts at delivery, so both painting, gluing and welding were possible without any pretreatment required. This was not possible today with the current equipment in which the products were washed.

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The solution

As a result, Brandt Metalindustri A / S initially chose to invest in an ultrasonic cleaner with rinsing and a hot air-drying system to solve the challenges with parts washing. The Combiline ultrasonic cleaning system was initially installed together with chemicals delivered specifically for the task by Anmasi A/S.

This enabled Brandt Metalindustri to now deliver clean parts with corrosion protection, where the cleanliness requirements means its possible to both paint, glue and weld the parts when delivered  which benefited their customers.

When the company was done implementing the ultrasonic cleaning system, which worked as promised, they chose to proceed with an offer for central filtration systems for lubricants from the machining centers.
Therefore, they invested in a Masterclean filter system with hydrostatic band filter, oil separator and cooler for continuous filtration and cooling of the lubricant, which solved their challenges with bacterial growth and at the same time they removed metal chips from the lubricant that were not possible with their old system.
In addition to supplying the filter system itself, Anmasi A/S also provided assembly of stainless steel piping throughout the factory for the flow and return of the lubricant. So Brandt Metalindustri A/S itself didn’t have to be in charge of the installation and were able to use just one supplier for both filtration system and the industrial cleaning system for parts cleaning.

Brandt Metalindustri
”Some of our customers had spoken well of Anmasi, and since delivery the machines have been working without any issues and if there were any, they have been quickly resolved in person or by telephone”
Johnny Haurum Brandt