Anmasi – Waschanlagen, Filtersysteme und chemische Produkte

Anmasi – Waschanlagen, Filtersysteme und chemische Produkte

Ihr Experte für Gesamtlösungen für die Metallindustrie, Kunststoffindustrie, Lebensmittel- und Pharmaindustrie.

Formkon 2021


Formkon A/S is a highly specialized company that primarily delivers prototypes to large international customers, with the automotive industry being its largest segment. They describe themselves as a locally rooted company with an international perspective on conducting business. They specialize in the production of items in aluminum and magnesium, mainly focusing on the production of prototypes and “zero” series within the three manufacturing methods: milling from blocks, plaster casting, and die casting.

They have 56 employees, and 80% of sales are to export markets, with Germany being by far the largest customer.

In March 2020, Formkon A/S contacted Anmasi with the aim of a new washing solution for their items. After a lengthy discussion and needs analysis, it quickly became clear that this task was larger than initially assumed by Formkon A/S. At that time, they were washing their highly complicated items in a small café dishwasher and were facing challenges with both the cleanliness of the items and drying.

Furthermore, many of their items had become so large that they simply could not wash them in the machine. Documented cleanliness requirements from the customers often demanded that the items comply with the ISO 16232 and VDA 19.1 standards. Therefore, the task was to replace the current equipment and improve their washing process to the next level without compromising on quality. Otherwise, there would be no reason to invest.

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The solution to the challenges was an advanced fully automatic washing system of the Rotoline type from Anmasi. This is a high-end washing system where there is no compromise on the cleanliness of the items. This washing system is characterized by the items rotating during the washing process, placed in a basket or dedicated fixture.

The items can be washed with spray or immersed in the washing medium using venturi nozzles that create turbulence in the washing chamber. To meet the customers’ high demands, all items are rinsed with demineralized water before the drying process begins.

To ensure completely dry items, they are dried at temperatures above the boiling point.


After a supplier search, Anmasi was chosen as the sole partner for this project. Competencies, the possibility of a turnkey solution, and the expected service level during the machine’s operational period were decisive factors in the selection. Formkon also experienced a good sales process, where Anmasi was good at finding solutions to the issues raised by Formkon.

“What was important for us was to find a partner who we believe in, and are close to, as well as skilled. Furthermore, a supplier who can offer more than just delivering a washing system, but a complete solution too.”

Martin Løgsted
Production manager
Formkon A/S