Anmasi – Waschanlagen, Filtersysteme und chemische Produkte

Anmasi – Waschanlagen, Filtersysteme und chemische Produkte

Ihr Experte für Gesamtlösungen für die Metallindustrie, Kunststoffindustrie, Lebensmittel- und Pharmaindustrie.

Kyocera Unimerco


For the past many years, Kyocera Unimerco Tooling has been one of the leaders in the field of production and sales of cutting tools for all types of woodworking operations – including kitchen, furniture, floor and window industry.

In addition to their major tooling program, they also provide products, production optimization, tooling and machining techniques as well as a wide range of services for the customer.

In 2014, a collaboration with Anmasi resulted in the development of a series of ultrasonic cleaners as well as chemicals, specially developed for the wood industry.

The reason for the cooperation was that Kyocera Unimerco’s customers experienced problems with tools cleaning and corrosions issues because of the water-based process.

Most customers had previously spray washers, which typically had problems removing especially resins from the complex tools, while using water-based solutions that caused problems with the spindles in the tools to rust.

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The cooperation with Kyocera Unimerco Toolings technicians resulted in the development of a series of ultrasonic cleaners designed specifically for these customers. And at the same time, we also developed the environmentally friendly oil-based chemical for optimal cleaning and rust protection of the tools.

We have therefore, since 2014, cooperated with Kyocera Unimerco regarding the sale of Anmasi ultrasonic cleaners to their customers in the wood industry. It is especially small to medium ultrasonic cleaners where no extraction or other safety and environmental measures have been required.

One of the benefits of the specially developed series is also that the cleaning process is carried out at a temperature of 45°C. This means knife change on the tools can be done immediately after washing, without waiting for the tools cooling down.

“We’d rather recommend an ultrasonic cleaner rather than a traditional spray washer because of the significant benefits with the use of our environmentally friendly vegetable oil has on customer tools”

Carsten Nielsen
Window Tooling Specialist
Kyocera Unimerco Tooling